Brambly Park


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Brambly Park is located in the far northwest corner of Scott’s Addition on almost two acres nestled against the railroad at 1708 Belleville Street. It features a restaurant, event space, and an outdoor park with a charming wooded picnic area surrounded by wild growing bramble bushes from which the name was inspired.
The on-site commercial winery perfectly complements this one-of-a-kind venue and culinary experience. Brambly Park Winery has produced an array of small-batch wines in 2020 using product sourced from partner vineyards in Virginia, California, and Oregon. Spring of 2021 will see the release of their international collection of wines using product sourced from partner vineyards in Chile, Spain, and France
The menu features foods that traditionally pair well with wine, with a focus on Italian cuisine. House-made pasta, charcuterie, cheese, and a variety of baked items are emphasized on both the restaurant and park menus, with the restaurant menu having a larger selection of entrees and the park menu having a larger selection of small plates.The park itself is the ideal spot to enjoy their food and wine. This nearly two acre outdoor wonderland features a large array of picnic tables in front of a live music stage, a grassy hill, and a glade of pine trees all nestled against an abandoned rail line.
1708 Belleville Street Richmond, VA 23230

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