What is the Virginia Wine Pass?

A one calendar year membership that provides access to exclusive offers, discounts, and upgrades at many of the state’s premier wineries and cideries.
One Virginia wine pass is good for two people (the member and his/her guest) and is valid from January 1 – December 31 of the respective year.

How do I use it?

Once you have purchased your membership, you will receive a physical membership card in the mail (one card awards privileges to two people). In order to take advantage of an offer, you must present your membership card when you visit a partnership winery. A virtual or printable alternative to using your membership card is not available.

I received my card in the mail, how do I log-in to have my card available on the app too?

The quick answer: you can’t.

The app is separate from the physical card. They are two different products—the app version is good for 12 full months; the card is good for a calendar year. At this time, our app doesn’t allow you to link the card to the app, so you cannot “log in” and have a digital version of your card.

If you would like an e-version of the card, then consider purchasing via the app directly on your smart phone in the future.

You can, however, still use the free version of the app to keep track of wineries and their offers, social media, upcoming events, maps etc.

It says "good for two people" will I get two cards?


One Virginia Wine Pass awards perks, privileges, and discounts for two people: the member and his/her guest. Therefore, if a winery offers a complimentary tasting or 15% off bottle purchases, only one card is needed for two people (the member and guest) to get this deal.

Can the Pass be used more than once at each of the Wineries?

Yes. The Virginia Wine Pass is very different from a coupon that is used once and thrown away. Until it expires, the Virginia Wine Pass can be used as often you like—even at the same venue–unless the offer specifically states otherwise.

Can winery offers change?

Yes! There are a number of reasons a winery might decide to change their offer throughout the course of a year: maybe they’d like to offer a “seasonal promotional” (free entry to summer concerts, for example) or perhaps they’d like to promote a particular product (tasting fee waived with the purchase of canned Rosé 6 pack). Whatever the reason, it is the responsibility of the wine pass member to keep current on winery offers.

What is the difference between the Virginia Wine Pass app and the card?

The primary difference is that the app membership is valid for a full 365 days from the date of download; the card is good from January – December 31st of the respective year. Because of this, the card is currently unable to “link” to the app.

The Virginia Wine Pass app must be purchased directly through your smart phone and is available in 12 or 1 month subscription types. It is available for instant use. The physical pass is available for a calendar year and will be mailed via USPS typically within one business day.

How do I activate my membership?

Once you receive your Virginia Wine Pass card, visit our website and click on the activate tab. You will be prompted to enter your information as well as the second member’s information. Once this is submitted, you are all set to begin enjoying your Membership.

The Virginia Wine Pass seems like it would make a great gift. What do I need to know in order to buy this for someone else?

You’re right; The Virginia Wine Pass does make a great present for any wine lover! Gifting a membership is simple. The first thing to know is that a name will not be printed on the pass itself, so don’t worry about supplying your information. There is, however, an activation step to be completed upon receipt of the card. It’s therefore important to allow the intended user of the card to complete this step him/herself. This will ensure that the card is registered to the correct member and guest.

With regard to shipping, you have a couple of options: you may ship it to yourself and gift the wine pass in person. You also have the choice to have it sent directly to your friend. In the later case, simply supply the recipient’s name and mailing address in the “shipping” fields. If you’d like us to include a gift note, we’ll be happy to do so! Please type your personal message in the “notes” field at check out.

The Virginia Wine Pass makes a perfect gift for corporate events and/or wedding favors. E-mail us at: contact@virginiawinepass.com to inquire about special bulk pricing discounts.

Can I use my Virginia Wine Pass at wine festivals?

Generally speaking, no. The exclusive deals, perks, and savings are offered at each respective winery only. At wine, food, or other festivals, wineries are already offering specials on tastings and bottle prices. Often times, however, wineries bring a limited selection to a wine festival. So, we recommend that when you find a winery you like at a wine festival, visit their tasting room with your Virginia Wine Pass to sample more of their offerings and to experience the atmosphere!

Do I need to make reservations at a Winery before hand?

We recommend that you always check winery websites for details regarding reservations, appointment needs, and hours.

How do I know which wineries participate with the Virginia Wine Pass?

Please click on the “What You Get” page to browse all winery offers. Here, you can also find winery contact information,a description of the venues, and a link to their upcoming events. There is also a QR code on the back of your membership card that links directly to this page ensuring that wherever you are, you have access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date special offers.

When should I expect to receive my Virginia Wine Pass?

Orders are typically mailed out within 1 business day from the date they are received. We ship via USPS; average shipping times range from 2-5 business days.

If you need your Virginia Wine Pass faster, we suggest purchasing via our mobile app. Download the Virginia Wine Pass app on to your Apple or Android device. Then, select to purchase either a 12 or 1 month membership. Your “card” will be instantly delivered to the app after your order is placed.

Are there any Blackout Dates?

Members may redeem their member offers during operational winery hours. While there are no specific “Blackout Dates”, many wineries will occasionally close to the public for weddings, private events, ticketed & wine club-only events. These are infrequent, but when the winery is closed to the public, Virginia Wine Pass Members will not be able to visit.

Can my second member use my Virginia Wine Pass without me?

Unfortunately not. Whether you decide to include a designated second “member” or not–this person is more accurately be described as your guest. Remember, each Virginia Wine Pass is good for one member and his/her guest; thus, in order to receive the perks and discounts of the Virginia Wine Pass membership, you need to be present.

What if I don’t have a second member to register?

That is not a problem! When activating your pass, simply leave the second member’s information blank. As long as you are listed as a member, you can bring a different guest with you each time.

The Virginia Wine Pass is now The Reserve Pass! The only All Digital, nation-wide wine pass! Visit us on our new website!Go to the Reserve Pass website to learn more and become a member. Click here!