Nearing Freedom: Welcome to Phase IIIdom


We’re getting there, Virginia! As if passing a series of quizzes and tests in preparation for a final exam, we are getting back to normal little by little.  Virginia Wine Country has been granted permission to operate under Phase III guidelines.

This is more exciting news though there are still some important precautions to keep in mind. Most importantly, when you head out to the winery, (Virginia Wine Pass obviously in hand) don’t forget your mask. 

What to Expect:

Each winery operating under phase I, II, III  will be handling their operation a little differently. Some are still requiring reservations and/or offering a limited menu.

As with Phase II, wineries may offer “dine in” and outdoor seating options. Bar areas are still closed to “congregating” groups; however,  the bar may be open as a service station. Many wineries are now offering self-guided tasting, small group tasting, and flights.

Contact the winery directly to ensure the most up-to-date reopening information.

Regarding your Wine Pass Offers:

At this point, your wine pass deals are only limited by a respective winery’s degree of operation. For example, if a winery is not offering tastings, then the tasting discount obviously does not apply. Wineries not offering tastings are under no obligation to offer a substitute deal.

Safety Measures:

There will, of course, be procedures in place to help ensure that your visit is a safe one. Be on the look out for the following measures which must be adhered to in phase II:

  • Parties are limited to a group size of 250 people or fewer, including children.
  • Physical distancing will be maintained at a minimum of six feet between all individuals as much as possible to include tables and seating.
  • Congregation areas and game areas will be closed except for through-traffic.
  • Employees are required to wear face coverings. Customers are not required to wear face masks if eating or drinking.
  • Disposable menus will be used. There will be no self-service food areas.
  • Employees will take their temperature and assess symptoms prior to each shift.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of frequently contacted surfaces every 60 minutes during operation.
  • Tabletops and credit card/bill folders must be disinfected between patrons.