The Virginia Wine Pass team was at a winery festival last month. We were working hard, amid the live music, food, and Virginia Wine, to sell the last of the 2019 passes. There are still a few left, and they’re just $19 with coupon code fallselloff19–not a bad price considering the original $69 price tag.

The 2020 Virginia Wine Pass also retails $69. This price is often met with one of two reactions:

  1. Bottle discounts, bogo and free tastings at over 150 wineries. Wow…this is a no brainer! This pass can save me more than that in no time!  OR
  2. 69?! [insert wide-eyed expression of disbelief] I’m not wine tasting every weekend, so no thank you!

Whether you side with reaction A. or B…$69 is no drop in the bucket; we get it! However, it doesn’t take the whole year of wine tasting to make the Virginia Wine Pass work for you. The savings you earn can make up the cost of the pass in a single weekend—even a single day.

Hard to believe? Say it can’t be? Mission accepted.  The two wine tastings itineraries below share one common objective: save $70 or more using the Virginia Wine pass, and do it fast.

Mission 1

Location: Virginia Wine Country – Delaplane

Objective : Save $70 in member deals in just 48 hours

Day 1:

1st Stop: Barrel Oak Winery –Complimentary BOW tasting for two – $15.90 savings

2nd Stop: Blue Valley Vineyard – Two for one Full Tasting – $20 savings

3rd Stop: Three Fox Vineyard – Complimentary Tasting for Two (with the Purchase of a bottle—we recommend IL Volpe Sangiovese)  – $22 savings

Total distance traveled: 3.5 miles

Day 1  Money Saved:   $ 57.90

Arterra Winery

Day 2:

1st Stop: Naked Mountain Winery – Two for one Tasting – $10 savings

2nd Stop: Arterra Winery: Two for one tasting – $10 savings

3rd Stop: Philip Carter Winery: 15% off bottle purchases –  will vary – average savings $4.50/bottle

Distance traveled for the day: 8.9 miles

Day 2 Money saved: assumed 1 bottle purchased at PCW:  $24.50 avg

Total weekend savings:  $82.40

Mission Accomplished


Mission 2

Location: Virginia Wine Country – Monticello Wine Trail

Mission: Save $70 in member deals in just 5 hours

Top Shelf Transportation – 10% off a 5 hour tour (Savings depends on vehicle selected and other variables) avg. savings between $37 – $68

Kilaurwen Winery– complimentary tasting for two – $10 savings

Montifalco Vineyards

Montifalco Vineyards: A complimentary tasting flight with the purchase of a bottle-  $14 savings

Chisholm Vineyards: BOGO tasting with the purchase of a bottle – $10 savings

Distance traveled: who cares! You’re being chauffeured in style!

Total Daily savings:  $71

Mission Accomplished