Description: A National Historic Landmark, Boxwood is located in Middleburg, Virginia steeped in Revolutionary and Civil War History, renowned for world-famous horse farms and today as a well respected wine region, designed in 2012 as an American Viticultural Area.

In 2005, Rita and John Kent Cooke established a sustainable vineyard at Boxwood planting Bordeaux certified clones licensed by the French Government and constructed a world-class winery to produce blended Bordeaux style wines, under the direction of internationally acclaimed winemaker Stéphane Derenoncort.  The Winery is open Friday-Sunday 11am-6pm, located 1 mile south of the historic town of Middleburg.  Please call or email in advance for groups of ten or more.

Address: 2042 Burrland Rd Middleburg, VA 20118

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Phone Number: (540) 687-8778

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Wine Trails: Tuskie’s Wine Trail

Offer: 20% off general tastings

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